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Bespoke Lamp Shade in Soft White Textured Linen Fabric

Bespoke Lamp Shade in Soft White Textured Linen Fabric

$ 82.00

Available as a drum shade in a variety of sizes.
Need a different size? Custom sizes also available. Contact Krista For Your Size


Handmade drum lamp shade
100% textured linen fabric in soft white 
Top spider ring in either brass or nickel finish
Intended for use with a harp & finial*
Pro Tip: For optimal performance, choose your bulb based on your shade size and not on what your lamp base can handle.**

This soft white linen has been one of my most asked for fabrics. It took a lot of searching to find a fabric that ticked all the boxes for this one. With such a simple fabric, it needed to be just what I was looking for. It couldn't be any old ordinary linen. I wanted just the right color white. If you know me, you know I am really particular about my whites. It needed to be a soft white - not too cool, not too yellow, not too grey. And I wanted something with a visual texture that can stand up in the line-up with my other beautiful fabrics, including my handwoven ones (which are extra special to me). This linen fills a void that my line-up needed, and I hope that it is exactly what you have been hoping for in a soft white texture linen shade.

Available for pre-order in June. Photos coming soon.

This is a made-to-order item. Currently shipping in 6-8 weeks. This item is not eligible for return or exchange. 



*This spider ring lamp wire works for use with table or floor lamps.

**While LEDs emit less heat than the old incandescent bulbs, heat output is not the only thing that affects the well-being of your shade. Lumen output can still have an affect on how quickly a shade yellows with time. A larger shade can handle a higher wattage (or lumen output) bulb, and a smaller shade can handle a lower wattage bulb

Lumen output is how we determine wattage equivalents. A 60W incandescent light bulb that uses 60 watts of power gives off a minimum of 800 lumens of light. A 60W equivalent LED light bulb also gives off a minimum of 800 lumens. This lumen output can still affect a lampshade over time, even if we don't see any immediate damage being done and it never gets warm. I recommend not using more than a 40W equivalent on these 9 in. diameter shades.