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Human Putty Series HP1 Printable Wall Art
Human Putty Series HP1 Printable Wall Art
Human Putty Series HP1 Printable Wall Art
Human Putty Series HP1 Printable Wall Art

Human Putty Series HP1 Printable Wall Art

$ 4.72

18 in. W x 24 in. H

Digital, downloadable wall art
Ready-to-print PDF file
Custom sizing available upon request
*Note - this print is not framed. Please contact me for framing options 



This series is an observation of the human condition. From the unmolded infancy, to the guarded discoveries of adolescence and the psychological freedoms of adulthood, we each evolve, slowly closing the openness in our mind as we fill it with knowledge or close it to others’ opinions. As we age, more questions arise than answers, and what we once thought was crystal clear is grey and murky. Yet, there’s a beauty to our putty-like ability to adapt and grow. There’s a strength in our individual aging and our collective evolution. There are no right answers, but will our desire to find answers ever cease?



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Need a custom size? This file can be scaled at your local print shop right before printing. If you need a substantially different size, or if you are unsure, please feel free to contact me to get a different size.

Please be aware that there are color variations on different screens, and the colors when printed can vary from the colors on your screen.

Because of the digital nature of this product, this purchase is nonreturnable.

This purchase is for PERSONAL USE ONLY, commercial use is strictly prohibited. All my artwork is designed and created by me. All images are copyright ©Ud Form