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Complete Candle Making Kit
Complete Candle Making Kit
Complete Candle Making Kit
Complete Candle Making Kit
Complete Candle Making Kit
Complete Candle Making Kit
Complete Candle Making Kit
Complete Candle Making Kit
Complete Candle Making Kit
Complete Candle Making Kit
Complete Candle Making Kit
Complete Candle Making Kit

Complete Candle Making Kit

$ 69.00
This kit is perfect if you've never made a candle before. It also makes a thoughtful gift for someone who loves to try new things. This Candle Making Kit makes two 8 oz. scented candles in amber glass jars with matte gold lids. It also includes candle labels, but you could of course make your own labels if you like.

This Complete Candle Making Kit includes reusable candle making tools like a melting pitcher, thermometer, wick bars, and stirring spoon. If you have items in your home that would serve these purposes, or if you have these items from a previous candle making kit, my Candle Making DIY Kit may be a better fit for you.

Included in this Complete Candle Making Kit:
16 oz. Pouch of premium soy + beeswax blend long-burning wax
2 - 8 oz. amber glass jars
2 - Matte gold lids
2 - Wicks
2 - Wicker stickers
2 - Warning label stickers (if you would like to gift these candles)
2 - Candle labels
Fragrance oil of your choice
Melting pitcher
Wick bars (2)
Stirring spoon
Step-by-step instruction guide with pro tips along the way

Additional items needed for candle making that are not included in this kit:
Double boiler (using a large pot on the stove top that the melting pitcher fits into will work for this)
Paper towels

Fragrance Options for This Kit:
The Floor is Lava | Citrus + Sugar + Grapefruit
Watch Out for Quicksand | Sandalwood + White Rose
Let's Stay in Tonight | White Tea + Bergamot + Orange Peel
Take the Day Off | White Birch + Eucalyptus
Take Time for Yourself | Tomato Leaf + Ginger + White Tea
Feel All the Feels | Tabac + Sandalwood

I may be a little addicted to candle making. I'm fascinated by it's history and by the ability to try new fragrances. While candle making techniques haven't changed much in the last century, the materials we use have improved. I've made hundreds of candles and ran dozens of test pours, and I can tell you that is really is all about the materials. If you use a different wax, you'll need a different wick. Add a fragrance, and change the wick again. You get the idea. All of the components work together for the best possible candle.

I choose my materials based on quality and performance. My premium soy + beeswax blend wax is long-burning and smooth. My soy comes from here in the US, and the addition of beeswax releases positive ions into the air as the candle burns. Beeswax also creates a candle that burns with a golden flame; less white than a standard soy candle.

My fragrance oils are all skin safe and 100% phthalate-free, paraben free, and my wax is paraffin free. Nothing in my candles requires a Prop 65 warning (unfortunately, this is not always the case with store bought scented candles). I only choose fragrance oils that are carcinogen, mutagen, and acute toxin-free, and they are all third-party verified for safety. These are higher standards than are currently required in the industry. I make these candles in my kitchen with my son, and these things are extremely important to me. And I know they are important to you, too.

Note: This kit includes a detailed instruction guide for use with these materials. These instructions may vary from other candle making instructions. For example, if you use a different wax, the recommended pour temperature might be different. If you explore other candle making kits in the future, I always recommend following the instructions given with each kit for best results.