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Small furniture tassel made of cotton with wooden beads hanging against a grey background.
small, cotton furniture tassel with wooden beads, taupe thread, and bronze colored beads in a person's hand
two small furniture tassels with wooden beads, and bronze and taupe details hanging on a person's hand
three furniture tassels hanging from a person's hand
A handmade cotton tassel with wooden beads and bronze and taupe detailing laying in a person's hand.
A handmade tassel with wooden beads and bronze and taupe details hanging from a person's finger.
A small handmade tassel laying in a hand.

Natural Cotton Rope Tassel with Bronze Beads - Extra Small

$ 16.00

I consider this to be my 'extra small' tassel size
4.75 in. Total Length
1.75 in. Loop at Top
3 in. Fringe + Wooden beads


Let your imagination run wild with these decorative tassels! Made of cotton cord with wooden and bronze colored beads and dark taupe thread. These tassels add a little something special to any room.

You can hang them from dresser knobs or cannister handles. They look beautiful as a key tassel for your chest of drawers or other locking cabinets. Any glass cabinet of curiosities is just calling for a tassel in my opinion. I play around with looping them into my lamp shades, but you can also use them in curtain tie backs for a more traditional use. I've even used small tassels wrapped around my candles (when they aren't lit of course), and around lidded containers in the bathroom and kitchen. I look forward to seeing the creative ways you will find to use these tassels!

Tassels can be brushed with a comb or trimmed with a scissors if needed in the future.

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