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natural cotton and wooden bead tassel hanging against a grey background
detail of wooden beads on top of natural cotton tassel
natural cotton tassel with small wooden beads cascading down the front
close up shot of small wooden beads on front of handmade cotton tassel
handmade cotton tassel laying on light wood table
handmade cotton tassel with wooden beads hanging on a finger
handmade cotton furniture tassel with small wooden beads hanging in the sun

Natural Cotton Rope Tassel with Wooden Beads

$ 42.00

12 in. Total Length (10 in. when loop is knotted as shown)
5.5 in. Loop at Top
6 in. Fringe (not including top beads & loop)
1.5 in. at Widest


Let your imagination run wild with my handmade decorative tassels! This one is one of a kind. Made of cotton cord and wooden beads, these natural colored tassels add a little something special to any room.

You can hang them from doorknobs or dresser knobs. They look beautiful as a key tassel for your chest of drawers or other locking cabinets. Any glass cabinet of curiosities is just calling for a tassel in my opinion. I play around with looping them into my lamp shades, but you can also use them in curtain tie backs for a more traditional use. I've even used small tassels wrapped around my candles (when they aren't lit of course), and around lidded containers in the bathroom and kitchen. I look forward to seeing the creative ways you will find to use these tassels!

Images show tassels immediately after they are brushed, and after they have a little shake to fluff them up. Tassels can be brushed with a comb or trimmed with a scissors if needed in the future.

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