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vintage brass candle with scrolling feet being held into the light
close up detail of vintage brass vessel with scrolling feet
vintage brass candle with three scrolling feet sitting on a light wood table
Vintage brass candle with four cotton wicks sitting on a table in the sun
vintage brass candle with scratch marks and tarnishing sitting on a table
detailed shot of a vintage brass candle with beautiful imperfections and four wicks
close up of thick lip around the top of this tarnished vintage brass candle
close up of bottom of vintage brass candle with scrolling feet showing old sticker 'Made in India'

Vintage Brass Candle with Scrolling Feet

$ 32.00

5.4 in. W x 4 in. H

Vintage brass bowl
Premium soy & beeswax blend
Fragrance Free
27 oz.


I love simple pieces done well, and with this candle's smooth, curving shape and three scrolling legs, it has just the right amount of detail. It makes a great statement piece alone or paired with other pieces.

Truly a vintage piece, this brass piece is tarnished with signs of ware, and that's what makes it so gorgeous.

The best part about these vintage candles is that once you've used them, you can use the vessel for a new purpose or just repour another candle into your beautiful vintage bowl.

Premium soy & beeswax blend used for optimal burn and flame color. See Product Care Page for candle burning guidelines.