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close up of detailing on side of vintage brass candle
vintage brass candle sitting on a light wood table
hand holding vintage brass norsk candle
close up detail of soy beeswax blend candle in vintage Norwegian brass
Vintage Norwegian Brass candle sitting on table
Vintage brass candle with four cotton wicks sitting on a table
detail shot of vintage brass candle from underneath to show bubble texture
label of candle 'Norsk Messing Bjarne Holen A/S 4500 Mandal Tlf. 043-61 622'
grouping of three vintage brass pedestal candles sitting on a table

Vintage Brass Norsk Pedestal Candle

Regular price $ 122.00 Sale price $ 97.60

6 in. W x 4 in. H

Vintage brass Norsk pedestal bowl
Premium soy & beeswax blend
Fragrance Free
Marked 'Norsk Messing Bjarne Holen A/S 4500 Mandal Tfl. 043-61 622'
14 oz.

This brass pedestal bowl candle knows how to make a statement. The quality is a cut above most of the pieces I've seen. It is a lovely candle, and it is just as beautiful a bowl. When its candle life is over, you will be in for a pleasant surprise with the thoughtful bubble detailing at the bottom of this pedestal bowl. Just stunning. 

This brass piece is truly vintage with some tarnishing and signs of ware, and that's what makes it so gorgeous.

Premium soy & beeswax blend used for optimal burn and flame color. See Product Care Page for candle burning guidelines.