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Burgundy glass candle being held in the light
burgundy glass candle sitting on a light wood table
close up of edge detail of burgundy glass decorative candle
deep red vintage glass candle made by Ud Form sitting on a light wood table
close up of the soy beeswax blend candle in vintage burgundy glass
beautiful burgundy glass candle with clear base sitting in a sunny room
vintage burgundy glass candle marked on bottom 'Kelly Hoppen Wedgwood'

Vintage Burgundy Glass Candle

$ 92.00

6 in. W x 4.5 in. H

Vintage Kelly Hoppen glass bowl
Premium soy & beeswax blend
Fragrance Free
24 oz.

I was immediately drawn to this striking vintage glass bowl. With deep burgundy glass and a clear pedestal base, I see this piece fitting in to so many different spaces. I can't wait to see where you will place it in your home.

Truly a vintage piece, and that's what makes it so gorgeous. No visible damage on glass. Labelled 'Kelly Hoppen Wedgwood' on bottom.

Too often, I have fallen in love with pieces of old, only to tell myself they serve no purpose in my life. This Ud Vintage Candle Collection gives these beautiful pieces a fresh start. These vessels get a new purpose (or in some cases, they get to relive their original purpose), either way, after this next stage, these darling vintage vessels can be used to hold jewellery, candy, or they can be repoured as candles all over again.

Premium soy & beeswax blend used for optimal burn and flame color. See Product Care page for candle burning guidelines.