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Original Watercolor - 'Poppies II'
Original Watercolor - 'Poppies II'
Original Watercolor - 'Poppies II'
Original Watercolor - 'Poppies II'
Original Watercolor - 'Poppies II'

Original Watercolor - 'Poppies II'

$ 110.00

Original watercolor painting - NOT a print
'Poppies II'
Size: 9 in. x 5.75 in.
Painted on archival non-acid watercolor paper
Using professional quality watercolor paints
Signed on the back

Rigid backing, certificate of authenticity, and plastic sleeve included. This painting will not arrive framed. It can be custom framed, or it will fit into a 5x7 photo frame (with some of the image cropped out).

I'm not a big flower person, but poppies are one of my favorites. I find their red orange color to be so glorious and unique to them. Their simple petals remind me of calm waves, and just when you think they can't surprise you, their centers are a milky brown black that is just so modern and fresh. This is my second exploration of poppies, and I believe there will be more to come. 

You will receive the exact painting shown in the photos of this listing. Photos are unedited (other than some straightening) and are taken in afternoon sun to bring out their colors to the best of my abilities.

This is an original piece of watercolor art painted on textured watercolor paper. Some waves in the paper from the water are natural and will easily flatten when framed. It is recommended that this painting be framed carefully under glass and placed out of direct sunlight.

Free Shipping to the contiguous United States.

Artist Disclaimer and Copyright Information: Purchase of this artwork does not allow for reproduction or commercial resale. Purchase is solely for ownership of the single, original piece of art. Artist retains all rights for reproduction, use, print and commercial resale of the image associated with this artwork.