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Featured Artists

I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded by a community of talented artisans from all over the country. All of these artists I've met through my brand, but many of them I consider my friends. For some of them, their work is featured on my sites; and for others, my work is featured on their sites. If you enjoy my shop, please check out the art of these special people for even more eye candy.

Amanda JamesThief & Moth

Amanda James of Thief & Moth
Amanda makes the gorgeous handwoven fabric you see in my custom lamp shade line up. She weaves my Handwoven Boucle Fabric and Handwoven Confetti Fabric on her loom in St. Paul, MN. Fun Fact: Amanda is the only person in this list of artists that I have met in person as her studio used to be just down the road from my house.
"I learned to weave while getting my BFA at the Kansas City Art Institute. I often have a specific textile in mind, and then work backward to figure out how to create it. If there is a weave structure I want to create, or a dye technique applied in a specific way - in my mind I see if first as a completed textile, then find a way to apply the knowledge I have to produce results." -AJ

Katie ObertonWest Ash Designs

Katie Oberton of West Ash Designs
Katie is a textile artist whose work can be seen in my handwoven pillow collection. Believe it or not, Katie and I share an eternal love of cool tones. You may have never guessed that from looking at the rich, warm tones of our pillow collaboration
"I create modern woven wall hangings and woven goods from my home in Minneapolis. I have been a maker since before I can remember. Cards, scrapbooks, scarves, purses out of old jeans. I made it all. No craft really stuck with me until I started weaving. When I started weaving my mom gave me a loom her dad made for her in the 1970's, so I named my shop after the street my mom grew up on, West Ash Street. I love creating modern, high quality home decor and goods for you and your home." - KO

Christie GoodfellowCG Ceramics

Christie Goodfellow of CG Ceramics
Christie's ceramic table lamps have found their way onto my website, and I couldn't be more excited! I've loved the simple forms and neutral glazes of her work from the moment I saw it. I hope to have more of her pieces available in the future.
Christie began selling her work as CGCERAMICS in 2009 and has built a reputation for creating heirloom-quality wares for top-rated restaurants, individuals and curated shops. Christie’s pottery is known for its subtle forms, earth-toned palette and quiet presence.

Sean VanderVlietFenway Clayworks

Sean VanderVliet of Fenway Clayworks
Check out Sean's website to see his mid-century inspired ceramics and his jaw-dropping lamps with some familiar shades. You can probably guess where he gets them. Sean's work is ever evolving and always thoughtfully crafted.
"Here my style has become heavily influenced by the recent transformation of Denver itself and the ever-growing artisan community aspiring to create something impactful. It's a practical and happy town - full of people dedicated to the things they care most about. I'm one." -SV

Alison BakkePink Moon Farm

Alison Bakke of Pink Moon Farm
Photo credit: Zea Corrinne
Alison's work shows up seasonally on my website, and her art is as fresh as it is, well, fresh. She speaks the language of flowers with a clean & modern aesthetic. Her involvement with the process from start to finish truly shows in the final product.
"Pink Moon Farm is both my farm and art studio. It is filled with all of my favorite flowers and textures, which I use in all my designs. Whether it is a fresh arrangement, an everlasting wreath or some other wild idea, my art and my field are inseparable." -AB

Cym Warkov Cym Warkov Ceramics

Cym Warkov of Cym Warkov Ceramics
Visit Cym's website to explore her ethereal vessels, vases, bowls, and lighting. You'll even spot a few lamps paired with my Handwoven Boucle Lamp Shade. Even though I love the pairing of my shades with her lamps, I think my favorite of Cym's lights are the Mood Light collection (especially with some beautiful new colors!). Check her out for a one-of-a-kind experience.
Cym Warkov creates timeless ceramic vessels that are imbued with qualities of both that of an archaeological find and a sensual modernity. Her process can be best described as an organic collaboration between herself and the materials involved in making each piece. That ongoing conversation between imagination/construction, artist/elements is fully immersed in the concept that there is elegance in simplicity and beauty in imperfection.