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Help Determining Shade Size

Need a new shade, but you aren't sure what size?

No problem! Here is the checklist of things I need to help you find the perfect size shade for your lamp and your space.



A photo of the lamp base without a shade. Photos taken from a lower vantage point that are focused on the center of the lamp base make for more accurate mock ups. 


  1. Total height
  2. Total width
  3. Height of just the base without the harp hardware
  4. Height of harp from the very top to where the harp arm sits (where it attaches to the neck)
  5. Height of any metal neck if applicable (this would be a metal piece between the harp arm and the ceramic/wood/glass body of the lamp)


Where will this lamp live?

On a narrow table or dresser against the wall? Next to a bed or sofa in the middle of the room? Knowing how much space this lamp can take up by give us perimeters to work within. For example, if it is sitting on a narrow nightstand in a corner, that may limit our shade diameter options.


How is this lamp needed?

Is this the main lamp in the room or just an accent lamp? Is this lamp for ambience or for reading? Knowing how often this lamp will get used and how much light is required of it will help me to suggest the best fabric options. I might even try to talk you out of the one you love (sorry, it’s true). Ultimately, I want you to be happy with your shade, and I want it to work for your needs.


    Once I’ve got the first two items on the list, I can work on a mock up to show you a couple different options. Oftentimes, the answers to the last two items can help narrow down the choices to the best options for you.
    Making a mock up can take a couple days. Once it's complete, we can review it together and make sure I will be making you the perfect shade for your needs.
    When you are ready, please send you photo and measurements to me via my email kristanhyde [@] or my Etsy page


    Need a shade with a non-standard ring? If your shade currently uses a clip-on attachment, an uno ring, or euro fitter ring, there are adapters available online that can modify your lamp with a simple piece of hardware.  A google search for "uno to spider lamp shade adapter" or "slip uno adapter" will pull up hardware options to add a modified saddle (slip) and harp to your existing lamp. Searching for "clip-on to finial adapter" is another option if it's a very small lamp and shade.