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 Kristan Hyde and son, Owen

About the Maker:

Kristan Hyde


It isn't a unique story - but it's my story.
The pandemic impacted a lot of things. While it flipped our world upside down, it jostled me into a different state of mind and gave me the clarity I had been lacking in my creative endeavors. 
I started an etsy shop in 2014 called UdLamps. I sold wooden lamps and silk lampshades that I made myself. At the time, I worked for a Scandinavian, modern furniture store, and dreamed of a future designing furniture. 
Fast forward a little. I was juggling a full time job, a part time job, motherhood, and a longer-than-expected house hunt. My circumstances were preventing me from making UdLamps what I knew it could be. My etsy shop was put on 'vacation mode' while my life was anything but.
Fast forward again to early 2020. We were finally settled into our new home with a toddler, and I was no longer straddling multiple jobs. I had been ready to get back into the woodshop for a couple months. It was a New Year's resolution, in fact, and then March happened. Lockdown. My husband was home from work. So many unknowns. I share a woodshop with my dad who lives about 40 minutes away. I still work part time at a grocery store. I wasn't comfortable putting my family at risk, so any shop activities would have to wait. 
However, I was itching to stretch my creative wings, and with my husband on toddler patrol, I had time to focus on myself for a bit. I realized that I was no longer seeking anyone's approval but my own. I could do whatever I wanted. I just had to figure out what that was. 
So, I put on my graphic designer hat (another past life of mine) and pretended I was my own client. I wanted to expand the line to include some of my other hobbies like candle making. I had also started sewing masks for my family by this time, and found that sewing was pretty fun. Nailing down my logo and my collateral helped me to move forward with a style that merged my new interests with my old love: UdLamps.
Ud Form as you see it was born. 
Since releasing my first 20 products for Ud Form, I've listened to what my customers are enjoying, and I'm continuing to expand with more home decor pieces, and more collaborations with other makers and artists.
I don't want to spill the beans, but keep your eyes peeled, I'm not done evolving! Thanks for coming along for the ride.


Kristan lives in Madison, WI with her husband, Nate; her four-year-old son, Owen; and a goldfish named Dory. When she's not 'crafting' as Nate calls it, or monster hunting with Owen, she's writing a YA fantasy novel (or most likely reading someone else's).  




About the Ud Philosophy:

Thoughtful materials. Handmade products. Limited production runs.
Taking the time to make a product the right way makes all the difference. When it came to the details, these choices were never questioned. A quality product takes time, but it also lasts the test of time. Ud Form pieces are designed with thoughtful intent to compliment a variety of settings and traverse the decades.

What is Ud? Ud like Wood. Ud like Good.
But, pronounced like 'mood'. Uuuud.
Ud started as an idea for three wooden lamps.



Ud Form / Ud Lamps 
714 Mesta Lane Unit 4
Madison, Wisconsin 53704
kristanhyde [@]