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 Kristan Hyde and son, Owen

About the Maker:

Kristan Hyde

Before Ud Form, there was Ud Lamps. With a background in interior and graphic design, Kristan set out to find the perfect bedroom lamp in the obvious places. "I was drawn to the wooden shades in contemporary lamps of the time, and the ceramic bases of mid-century lamps, but neither style was quite right for my space." After failing to find a lamp with a turned wooden base, she set out to create her own. 

After all these years, there are quite a few more options for turned wood lamps on the market, but the first Ud Lamps' designs look as fresh as the day they were turned. With a focus on quality and individuality, these pieces aren't 'quick fashion'. They are meant to grow with you as your style evolves.

"My mother always taught me that classic design never goes out of style. And my dad taught me that quality work takes time, but it's always worth it in the end. These ideas are important to me when I purchase products for my home and when I make products for your home." -Kristan

Kristan lives in Madison, WI with her husband, Nate; her three-year-old son, Owen; and a goldfish named Dory. When she's not 'crafting' as Nate calls it, or monster hunting with Owen, she's writing a YA fantasy novel (or most likely reading someone else's).  




About the Ud Philosophy:

Thoughtful materials. Handmade products. Limited production runs.
Taking the time to make a product the right way makes all the difference. When it came to the details, these choices were never questioned. A quality product takes time, but it also lasts the test of time. Ud Form pieces are designed with thoughtful intent to compliment a variety of settings and transverse the decades.


Ud Form / Ud Lamps 
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