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About 'The Drop' on Your Lamp Shade

Let's talk about what 'The Drop' means on your lamp shade and how to measure it. The Basics To start at the beginning, RINGS refers to the shade hardware that creates the framework of a hardback lamp shade and allows it to attach to the lamp base. There are a variety of different hardware names when it comes to lamp shades, so don't feel bad if that starts to sound a little confusing. You aren't alone. SPIDER RINGS, UNO RINGS, or EURO RINGS are some of the most common hardware options. All of these hardware options have SPOKES - the wires that stem from the edge of the ring and meet at the center attachment in the shade. In Spider rings the spokes will always stem from the top of the shade. In Euro...

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What NOT to Do When Designing a Table Lamp

Thinking about designing a lamp? Here are a few things I've learned along the way that might save you from wishing you had done it differently. My business started out as an idea for three wooden lamps. The lamp designing process is very near and dear to my heart. While these tips may seem obvious to some, they will hopefully make you consider some elements that you haven't before. TIP ONE: Do not use a socket with a bar switch if your lamp shade is small. Yes, I've made this mistake. My first lamp (that now lives in my son's room) is a small lamp that I have to reach my hand up and into to turn it on and off. Is it doable?...

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Table Lamp Hardware Terminology

Here's a brief breakdown to help answer some of the most common lamp hardware questions. HARP: The harp is tall piece of hardware that attaches the shade to the base of the lamp. Harps come in different heights for different size shades. Harps are available online in one inch and half inch increments. If you are interested in changing the height of your lamp or the shape of your shade, this is the best place to start. To find the size of your original harp, remove the harp from your lamp and measure from the very bottom to the very top of the harp. You may need to pinch the bottom of the harp a bit and rest it on a tabletop with...

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Welcome To My Blog

Welcome! I thought this blog might be a convenient way to share some of the things I've learned on my artistic journey. Are you ready to learn some stuff?

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